BlackLastSupper 365


This is BlackLastSupper. BLS started out in Austin, Tx. BLS then toured the United States and Canada playing shows with Weezer, Goldfinger, Marvelous3, Dynamite Hack, Reel Big Fish, Lit, A, Eve6 and NoDoubt among others. BLS has been living in SanDiego and is getting pretty sick of the monotony. BLS just wants a little variety dammit. Well, what BLS wants, BLS gets. Come and enjoy the exploits of BLS as they travel the world eating each meal as though it were their last…it very well may be.

BLS enjoying some fog at SanJoseDelPacifico^

BLS loves San Jose Del Pacifico, Oaxaca^

BLS on the Rock. Oaxaca^

BLS roadside at a Oaxacan valley^

BLS enjoys some Oaxaca Greenery^

BLS-Mulege. Part of the view from atop Poncho Villa’s restaurant.         ^

BLS-Baja Road. Another lonely stretch of beautiful baja desert road.       ^

BLS-Baja Countryside. The BLS crew enjoys another fine dining experience with desert shrubbery for a backdrop.  ^

BLS-Sunset 1. Cocktails at the Sunset Lounge with BLS.    ^

BLS- A rare longshot at Playa Nuestra^

BLS invites Kitty-Meow to attend brunch.^

Barnacle BLS.^

BLS and the Sea of Cortez are happy together.^

BLS at sunset on their private beach.^

BLS at their tidepool. Urchins abound^

BLS drank too much last night and is still a bit spin-eee^

BLS is unperturbed by bird poo.^

BLS on Tatooine…or Baja.

BLS pulled out just before the close-out.^

BLS at the Real Tequila Hotel in Jalisco.^

BLS-rolling around in the foam works up an appetite.^

BLS-mirror. Nice backsides.^

BLS-yet another gorgeous beach shot with the boys.^

BLS feeling very art-deco.^

BLS in Tequila, Mx. Beautiful flowers.

BLS- stairs and a flash make it happen.^

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