Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City

It was hard to leave San Jose, but it was time to move on. Luna seemed to be feeling better after the high altitude and cool air. We left by mid morning and made Oaxaca city in the late afternoon. Oaxaca city is beautiful and I was happy to be back, but after a tranquil week sequestered up in the mountains, the big city was overwhelming. Driving in the larger cities of Mexico is always intense and never the same. This time around, the drivers of Oaxaca seemed very much to like to honk. They like to honk at anything, anytime. Sometimes they honk for no reason at all, maybe just to check to see if their horns still work. They probably go through a lot of horns in that city.

We made it to a small little hotel near the center of town that had parking, internet, and accepted mascotas. Hotel Del Pacifico at 420 Trujano. The owner was really nice and we ended up staying two nights. The first night, right after we checked in, a drunk guy staying at the hotel decided to come say hi. He sort of came in the room while the door was open as we put our things away. Emily talked to him for a bit since I don’t speak Spanish well-enough to deal with slurred speech. Plus, for some reason, drunken Mexican guys usually prefer Emily to me, when given the choice. Finally, I said we were going to eat and it was time to go. He reluctantly left, but came back knocking on the window at 11pm. I opened the curtains and he asked what Emily was doing. I told him to go to bed and closed the curtains. We locked the windows and put Luna’s bed-roll in front of the door that night. I went to sleep secretly wishing that Luna lived up to some of the more aggressive pit-bull stereotypes. He seemed harmless enough, but you never know how crazy some drunk guy is gonna get if there’s a Tarpley woman involved.

We spent the next day walking around Oaxaca City. We went to the Oaxaca Cathedral and the Templo de Santo Domingo. The cathedrals in Oaxaca city are mind-boggling. I don’t know where to even begin describing how massive and detailed with ornamentation these places are. The pictures do a much better job. We visited the art district and spent way too long in a cool bookstore. I followed Emily around for much of the day as she tried to find a gift for everyone she knows back in the states. I bought my mom a neat hand-painted coffee mug and called it a day. Those cobblestone streets are hard on the feets.

That night, we had a nice dinner and then went for mescal at the House of Mescal. The mescal was good, but I was tired and antsy at the same time. I wanted out of the bar, plus mescal ain’t cheap and we were leaking money.

Oaxaca city was getting expensive, and besides we wanted to head towards Vera Cruz to try and meet up with a professor friend of my Spanish teacher from Cuernavaca’s. We were on a mission and needed to get on the road…

Next: The portion of our trip known as the Kruger Pilgrimage, in which our protagonists go in search of a mythical professor in the land of Vera Cruz.


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