The TRIP: Part I

The TRIP thus far…

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My name is Chad. My girlfriend Emily, our dog Luna and myself are driving from San Diego, CA into South America. This is how it goes…

Today is Saturday October 30, 2010. We are in Tequila, Mexico in the state of Jalisco. This is day 2 in mainland Mexico where the scenery is greener, the driving more insane, the cartels more active, the corruption more prevalent, the plants more psychoactive, the people more indigenous and (in the case of Tequila, MX) the libations more authentic and delicious. Good luck finding beer in this town, however! All jokes aside, our trip has been nothing but pleasant, and so far any fears we have had were unfounded. Every one we have met has been nothing but nice. Sure, all it takes is to run into one madman to offset hundreds of nice people, but so far i’d say your odds here are the same as in El Cajon, NYC, Chicago (i’ve been scared outta my mind stumbling into Caprini Green) or Houston (probably less than Houston…think 5th Ward). I think it’s the language barrier that makes everything seem so mysterious and at times less than savory. That’s why language school in Cuernavaca is next on the list.

Let’s now look back at how we got here, after all: history is but a grand view of the present. Our mexico travels start out in Baja California: the “Disneyland of Mexico” as i’ve heard it referred. The violence may not be what is reported of mainland, but the terrain is no joke. Our van almost didn’t make it back from our Scorpion Bay visit in July. A word of advice: the North road isn’t that bad as long as you take the salt flats. Again, take the salt flat route. We opted to go the regular route on the return drive and almost didn’t make it…in fact we finally broke down outside Guerrero Negro. Fortunately for us some nice people gave us a ride into town and a mechanic named Noe helped us get the van to his shop (saving us an expensive tow truck) and fixed all the problems for under $150 USD.

So on this trip our first stop was to be Guerrero Negro to visit Noe and the boys at the auto shop we called our home for 3 days back in July. All the boys were either in Ensenada at school or working on fishing boats for the season, but our friend Noe was their still manning the shop. The yard had the new addition of a huge but sweet female pit-bull. They must’ve really missed Luna while we were gone. I was nervous but she and Luna got along fine. The other dog was a bit much however, and Luna usually kept just out of reach of the length of rope to which un perra peligrossa was tied.  We wanted him to give the Econoline the once-over before we got going. He replaced the gasket on the intake manifold which took care of our high-idle problem and gave our suspension the once over. This was all done in typical Noe fashion: relaxed, friendly, confident and inexpensive. I am a retard and forget the name of Noe’s shop, but it’s the very first place on your right as you turn off the highway into Guerrero Negro. They also sell and service motor-cross bikes.

We took advantage of having a working car this time around and visited the Lighthouse at the point in Guerrero Negro. There were lots of people clamming out in the flats exposed by the low-tide when we arrived. The wind was crazy but the view was amazing; our first real view of the ocean on this adventure.

We stayed the night at a place called Don Gus’s. This place said they had internet…gave us the pass word and network name…we signed on…got full bars on the airport display…but, no actual working internet. This, we soon discovered, would become a recurring theme on the trip. Don Gus’s was a nice place however. We had a clean room, hot water, safe parking and the restaurant served delicious food. Emily drank a bit too much Correlejo tequila that night in celebration of the beginning of ‘the grand adventure’ and consequently we only made it as far as ‘Rice and Beans’ in San Ignacio the next day.

Ready the main stays and batten down the hatches, the maiden voyage of the S.S. Harlow Econoline is underway…

Luna is the worst kind of back seat driver..always barking orders at us.


Coastal View of Northern Baja

All Roads Must Pass Through Me


The Flats @ Guerrero Negro

The Lighthouse @ Guerrero Negro

Things You Find On The Roadside In Baja

Things Found..Part 2


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2 Responses to “The TRIP: Part I”

  1. Sweet! Stoked you guys got the blog up. Can’t wait to follow your adventures. Stay in touch.

  2. Woohoo! So happy that you two are blogging about your trip. It was great meeting you. Hopefully we meet up again down the road. -Stevie

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